Ahí van unas cuantas entradas referidas a los hipertextos. Propongo que, en un plazo corto, vayáis indicando qué entendéis por hipertexto y cómo puede relacionarse con el texto tradicional.

Enlaces con breve descripción

The Rationale of HyperText (Jerome McGann)

Lofty reflections on the cultural significance of information technology are commonplace now. Tedious as they can be, they serve an important social function. Some distribute general knowledge to society at large, some send it to particular groups whose professional history makes information about information an important and perhaps problematic issue…
In this essay I will focus primarily on a particular feature of literary works — their physical character, whether audial or visible. I shall be pointing out why these features are important in a literary point of view and also sketching certain practical means for elucidating these textual features. This last matter — the central subject of the essay — is also the most difficult. The methodology I shall be discussing requires the scholar to learn to use a new set of scholarly tools.

Convention Says… (Einat Amitay, Centre for Cognitive Science & Jon Oberlander, Human Communication Research Centre )

Hypertext is of interest to workers in a broad range of fields, including HCI, educational software design, text generation and information retrieval. Recent studies, such as @Chen and Rada (1996), indicate that because there is no single formalised method for designing hypertext, there are significant discrepancies between experiments using hypertext systems. In this article we claim that hypertext design – both manual and automatic – can reliably be informed by studying the robust conventions that have already established themselves on the World Wide Web. We present here a few basic conventions in hypertext design, extracted from a corpus of HTML files…

El documento en el entorno virtual (Eduardo Villanueva Mansilla)

Contenido: 1. Introducción – 2. El documento – 3. Las coincidencias – 4. El documento virtual – 5. El documento como invisible continuidad – 6. ¿Hay límites para el documento virtual? – 7. ¿Será posible recuperar un documento virtual?