Revisando la internet, he encontrado en el blog Laudator temporis acti una interesante receta para insultar. La reproduzco aquí, sobre todo porque no es propiedad del autor de ese cuaderno de bitácora.

Recipe for Insult:
Hendrik Hertzberg, in a review of R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr’s The Liberal Crack-Up (1984) in The New Republic
“The formula is simple. First, select a person to attack. If possible, refer to him or her as the Hon. insert surname, the Rev. insert surname, or Dr. insert surname. Second, call the person a nasty name, either a heavily sarcastic one (esteemed eminento, sonorous pontificator, distinguished scholar) or simply a jeering one – bellyacher, buffoon, dolt, dunderhead, galoot, gasbag, greenhorn, half-wit, idiot, imbecile, jackass, loony, moron, nincompoop, pinhead, poltroon, popinjay, quack, rube, sap, simpleton, snot, windbag, wretch, yahoo, yokel, or zealot. Third, add an adjective (optional). Brazen, fuliginous, gaseous, gimcrack, maudlin, meretricious, piffling, portentous, sophomoric, puerile – any of these will do. Fourth, accuse the person of engaging in bibble-babble, claptrap, flapdoodle, flumdiddle, hokum, moonshine, pishposh, rumble-bumble, pronunciamentos, or tosh. Finally, work in a reference to the United States as ‘the Republic.’ You will soon be writing, or programming your computer to write, sentences such as this one, from page 21: ‘There have always been whistle-brained pontificators at large in the Republic, all promising a New Age full of wonder and kookery.’

Lo más curioso de este párrafo no es, realmente, el despliegue léxico, sino la manera de estructurar un vituperio, que es de lo que, en el fondo, trata esta receta.